School Virtues

Every fortnight we focus on a different virtue.

Resilience: Hiranga: The term resilience features often in our conversations around achievement.  A related term might be tenacious.  Resilience is about adapting well in the face of difficulty, tragedy and trauma.  Being resilient is about bouncing back!  Resilience is nurtured and having caring and supportive relationships.  Someone around to reach out and support. Having friends is a great help.

Kawanga: Responsibility: As children grow up they take on more responsibilities.  They manage themselves more and make responsible decisions.  When children act responsibly they show leadership.  It is important that as adults we recognise children’s responsible actions.  We all need to celebrate the occasions when our children step up and show Kawanga.

Whakaute: Respect: It has been said respect is a two way street.  In order to gain respect you have to show and give respect.  We are all encouraged to show respect for one another and for our environment.  Children are encouraged to respect themselves first and foremost.  They have the right to be respected by others.  Sometimes this is not the case which in turn gives them low self esteem.  Being respectful is uplifting and builds positive relationships.

Manaakitanga/Aroha: Kindness.  In the wider sense Aroha reflects ways people relate to one another including with respect, empathy, generosity, kindness and caring.  Aroha connects with our core values of Whāngai, Whakatipu and Whakamanawa.

Pukumahi: Diligence.  Diligence is about working hard and doing the best job you possibly can.  If children demonstrate pukumahi they pay attention to what they are doing; they work hard; they don’t give up and are careful when doing their work and showing patience.