School Uniform

Morrinsville School Uniform Policy

Uniform Rationale and Outline

We aim that our uniform promotes in students a sense of pride in their own appearance, instills responsibility and identity as part of the school and our wider community. Considerations to equality, health & safety, expense and quality control are all factors that contribute to the establishment of our uniform policy. The uniform is compulsory for all students. It is predominantly a unisex uniform with optional items available for parents. The school colours are navy blue and black, with white included in the school logo and as an option for selected uniform items.

Uniform Stockist

The official school uniform stockist is ‘Harrys Menswear & Surf ’ (Thames Street).

Parents are given the option of purchasing SOME items at alternative retailers. We are happy to allow this flexibility to continue on the condition that parents make sensible and appropriate choices for school wear. Please note, these options are only available for the plain black trousers, shorts, skort and footwear choices. All other items of uniform (school-logo shirts and fleeces) MUST be purchased at Harrys Menswear and Surf. If parents have any questions regarding uniform choices please speak with your class teacher or Mrs Pert (Rm16) BEFORE purchasing.

Uniform Items

Below is a list of the main uniform items. (Please note FYI retailers alongside clothing items).

  • Navy blue polo (short sleeved with school logo) – Harrys Menswear & Surf
  • Navy blue fleece (long sleeved with school logo) – Harrys Menswear & Surf
  • Black shorts, trousers or skort -Harrys Menswear & Surf or alternative retailer of your choice
  • Black sandals or shoes (plain black footwear only – no multi coloured soles, stitching, stripes etc) – retailer of your choice
  • Black, navy or white socks (when wearing shoes) – retailer of your choice

Seasonal Items

  • Black or navy sunhat or cap (summer) – retailer of your choice
  • Black or navy beanie (winter) – retailer of your choice
  • Black or navy tights (not footless leggings) in winter * please see below for clarification on leggings/jeggings/track-pants/jeans.

Important Please Note

Whilst we are careful to ensure parents are given some flexibility and choice with certain aspects of the uniform, we have identified specific items of clothing that are NOT considered acceptable/appropriate for school. These items mainly relate to winter months of the uniform and should be carefully noted. Decisions about uniform are made with the consideration of ALL children in the school and the needs of the group as a whole.

If you have questions regarding the points below please contact your class teacher or Mrs Pert.

  • During the winter months tights may be worn under skorts and must be in school colours – navy or black. This does not include footless leggings/jeggings etc.
  • School trousers should be plain black (no side stripes, coloured pockets etc). We recommend a ‘drill’ type fabric (e.g cargo pants), which are hardwearing and durable school wear.
  • Footless leggings (3/4 length) are not school uniform and are not appropriate school wear.
  • Jeans (all styles) are not school uniform and are not appropriate school wear.
  • Some styles of track-pants are acceptable, but we would advise parents not to purchase ‘overly-baggy or slouchy’ styles.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

  • The uniform policy applies during school hours (including to and from school), when students are on trips and when representing school at sports events (unless specific uniforms are required).
  • Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that students wear the correct uniform, and the uniform is maintained in a clean and neat appearance.
  • If a child is out of school uniform, either a note must be brought from home OR a phone call to the school office outlining the reason for being out of uniform.
  • Footwear must be appropriate for school activities (no raised heels, gumboots or slippers) and black in colour. In the winter socks may be worn. These must be in school colours also (black, navy or white).
  • Sun-safe hats shall be worn during summer months. These hats may be either black or navy (plain only – no ‘fashion’ caps or logos allowed). Sun hats must be worn outside during morning-tea and lunchtimes, sports and any other outside activity – consistent with our ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy.
  • Stud earrings and sleepers may be worn in the ears; watches and medic-alert bracelets may be worn.
  • Make up is not part of school uniform.
  • Long hair must be tied back (girls and boys).
  • In accordance with our school charter and the Treaty of Waitangi our uniform policy will recognise the unique position of Maori culture within our school and greater community. Those identifying with Maori will maintain control over their taonga. e.g bone carvings, greenstones may be worn.
  • Other significant cultural and religious beliefs, that may be impacted on, by the implementation of a uniform policy, will be addressed accordingly by the principal on a case-by-case basis.

Steps when the uniform procedure is not followed

  1. The teacher will make the initial enquiry as to why the uniform is not being worn. The answer may clarify the issue. A verbal reminder of bringing a note may be necessary.
  2. Repeat infringements will require a standard reminder note to be sent home.
  3. If the matter is not resolved after a note home, the teacher will follow-up with a phone call to clarify the issue. If this fails to rectify the situation a member of the senior management team will intervene and contact the parents/caregivers.
  4. If non-compliance with the school uniform procedure continues, an official letter will be sent to the parents/caregivers formally outlining the board’s procedures. Parents may be asked to meet with the principal/board to resolve the issue.

Additional / General Information

  • The Principal will have overall responsibility for the implementation of the uniform policy.
  • Contact the school office for information regarding second hand uniforms.  Parents may choose to donate unwanted uniforms.
    **Changes to the way second hand uniforms are organised and on-sold will be monitored and reviewed closely over the first 2-3 years of the uniform implementation.
  • Information about the school uniform, including place of purchase, will be published on the school website and in the school information book. Reminders of uniform expectations will be included in the school newsletter at the start of each school term.
  • Parents seeking exemptions to the uniform due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability, health condition or economic hardship must contact the Principal directly.