Leaving School During School Hours

Permission and approval from either the Principal or Deputy Principals is required (health/family reasons) if a child is leaving during school hours.  Please sign the book prior to departure and upon return – the book is at the office.  Late arrivals (a.m.) must sign the book.  Parent’s permission (note/phone) is required if a child is to go to town for lunch or for any other reason. If there is any change to the homeward journey (going to a friend’s place, not going on the bus etc) a note/message to the office to that effect is required, otherwise the duty teacher will ignore the child’s word on the matter.

Children are not permitted, while at school, to arrange for friends to accompany them home from school.  Such arrangements must be made by parents and the school notified in advance.  These procedures are in place so that we can exercise reasonable care for the welfare and safety of your child.  Your co-operation is essential.