Pathway from Early Childhood to our School

Preschool children’s pathway to our school provides opportunities to visit school and experience what school and a junior classroom is like. Your child gradually becomes familiar with classroom routines and practices. The visits provide time for your child to meet and engage with class peers and their new entrant teacher, Whaea Julie Taupo. During the weekly visits your child will participate in classroom activities both in and out of the classroom.

Our Pathway to School Programme includes six weeks of preschool visits from 9-12.30 p.m. For the final two weeks prior to starting school your child may spend a day a week at school.

Parents will have an opportunity to meet regularly with our new entrant teacher and discuss how your child is settling into routines. The teacher will be available to offer guidance and support to you in helping with your child’s pre entry programme.

There are always lots of different and exciting things for your young child to do at our school.

The transition from early childhood to primary school is a milestone in every child’s life. At Morrinsville School we aim to ensure that this transition is made as smooth as possible for everyone involved – the child, family, kindergarten, early childhood centre, kohanga and school.

For any further enquiries, or to arrange a time to visit our school and meet our new entrant teacher please contact the school office on (07) 8897250.