First Aid & Medications

First Aid

In the case of illness and/or accidents at school, parents are contacted.   All children are supervised in the school sickbay until parents or a caregiver can collect the child from school.  In cases of extreme emergencies parents are contacted and if necessary an ambulance may be called to provide additional first aid assistance and transportation.


The school operates a formal policy on Medications at school.  A copy may be obtained from the school office.  In summary, children are not permitted to carry medicines on their person or in schoolbags.  Medication must be left at the school office. If the school is required to administer medicine a note is required to the office.  Please phone the school office if you are sending medicines to school with your child in their school bag.  This will ensure that medicines are accounted for and stored safely.

Asthma and Inhalers

Personal inhalers are stored at the office. Please ensure that your child’s inhaler is clearly named. Please take the time to check in with the office throughout the year to ensure that your child’s inhaler medication is within its use-by date and that there is an adequate supply.