Senior Swimming Sports

As I line up at the start, toes over the edge, I feel my heart pounding like a bouncy ball bouncing off my chest What’s that?!  The clapper!  I better go!  Suddenly, everyone starts.  I join along too.  I race as fast as I can like a fast moving turtle in the water.  In the background I faintly hear my waka chanting for me.  I know that I have to win for my waka.

I’m racing.  I’m breathing.  I’m being lightning!  The sound of cheering pushes me along the race.  I’m hoping to win or at least come 2nd …

Finally the race is over.  I look at the other faster contestants hopping out.  I see a lady walking towards me to hand me my sick.  I came 4th out of 5 people and that’s pretty good for me!

By Holly Barlow, Room, 3, Year 5