Pumpkin Soup

Last week we read a story about growing Pumpkins.

The story was about a boy who helped his Grandad to grow pumpkins from seeds they had saved.

When they harvested them, they made pumpkin soup together.

Rhys and his Grandad also grow pumpkins (and lots of other veges too.)

Rhys is like the boy in the story – he helps his Grandad to garden. They sell their vegetables on Saturday at the market.

The next day, Rhys brought a pumpkin to school for us. We investigated, and found it was called a crown pumpkin and can be used to make soup. 

So we decided we would make soup on Friday. 

On Wednesday, Sativa also brought a pumpkin to school to share with us. Now we had two pumpkins to make into pumpkin soup!!!!!

On Friday, we started cooking our soup straight away. We peeled, chopped, measured and then cooked all of the ingredients.

Our classroom soon began to smell DELICIOUS!!!!!

After lunch, our soup was ready to eat! So we sat on our deck and drank our pumpkin soup and ate buttered bread.


When we had cleaned up, we asked who liked the soup and made a tally chart.

15 people liked the soup.

7 people did not like the soup.

We concluded that more people liked pumpkin soup in Room 1.