Our Vision and Values





Values as expressed by families:

‘Our Place’

  • is family focused
  • is culturally diverse
  • builds up children’s confidence and self esteem
  • is welcoming and inclusive
  • cares about our children and how well they can achieve
  • where our children are accepted for who they are
  • is somewhere I feel safe and comfortable to send my child
  • is a caring nurturing culture


What children tell us they value: 

  • Teachers take time to talk to you
  • We make goals and come to school and try to beat our old goal
  • They listen to you; even if they are busy they stop and listen to you.
  • Teachers have a fun personality and positive attitude towards school.
  • They’re nice and put a smile on your face.
  • Make you feel good about yourself.
  • The teacher lets us choose topics.
  • They teach us fun things and when our parents ask us what was fun we say everything!
  • Everyone helps each other learn and work
  • Teachers make jokes and have a laugh with you.
  • I know I’m going to learn something new everyday.
  • They listen to your ideas and if you’ve got a problem they help you out.
  • Teachers care about you and what you think
  • Listens to us and our views