Sporting Successes

Sporting Successes


At Morrinsville School we love to celebrate the successes our children have outside the classroom also. We provide opportunities for our children to participate in a number of sporting pursuits, both during school time and as extra curricular activities. Outstanding achievements by individuals and teams are celebrated regularly at school assemblies and shared with parents in the newsletter.

Encouraging children to participate in exercise and sporting activities is an important part of our Health curriculum and parents should promote the importance of exercise and health with their children.

Seasonal sports are catered for both at school and within the local community. Additional information regarding specific sports opportunities are communicated to parents throughout the year.


At Morrinsville School we offer cricket to all ages. With Junior Cricket skills taking place at school lead by a teacher, Year 4 Friday night cricket, and Year 5/6 Saturday Cricket. Friday cricket is mixed boys and girls who practice at school then play against schools in the Waikato, traveling away and at home. This team is generally co-coached/managed by both a teacher and parents and is a great lead into competitive cricket, teaching the rules of the game and encouraging children to extend their love of the game to the next level. Year 5/6 Saturday Cricket is played at a more competitive level both at home and away. This team is generally managed or coached by a teacher, but we also call in specialist cricket coach Mr Jack Pickett to take an after school session with the team weekly. These boys/girls play full length games, in proper kit.


During term three our school supports the Miniball Tournament run at the Events Centre Morrinsville. Here children play games in mixed teams putting in place skills they have previously learnt at school. We are lucky enough to have a close partnership with John from Team Energize at Sport Waikato who regularly comes into coach the children and show them how to expand on their skills. We also offer at school during Term Three junior miniball sessions after school, where children year 3-4 are able to come and develop their ball skills and drills to help them prepare for possibly playing in a team the next year. These sessions are taken by a teacher in our school Dome.


At Morrinsville School we introduce Netball from a young age. Children aged 5-7 are able to take part in fun ferns weekly after school during Term Two learning basic netball skills.
Children aged 7 and upwards are put into netball teams and play Saturdays at Campbell Park the duration of the winter sporting season.