Matariki Celebrations Junior School

Our Junior school celebrated Matariki with a shared breakfast and pyjama day.  The tamariki had a great morning coming to school in their pyjamas and enjoying toast and milo for breakfast.  Below are some stories from Room 8 (Year 1) children about their morning.


‘I like Matariki because we get to wear our pyjamas. At Matariki I liked my teacher and my milo. We got some food and we had some fun games. I liked the stick games the best!’
By Lachlan 


‘I had a tōhi in Room Nine. I made a milo too at our Matariki Feast at school. We will finish our kites and we are going to fly them today.’
By Charlise 


I like my pyjamas. My pyjamas are a panda and a blanket. My panda blanket can glow in the dark so can my panda.
By James


‘We had a milo and it was yum and it had a marshmallow in it. The pyjama day was cool! I liked Jordan’s muesli bars.  My favourite was the string games and my second favourite was the stick games.’
By Charlie


I loved the Matariki breakfast and it was fun. We got to fly kites and the milo was yum and we got to play the string game and the pyjama day was great!
By Shivam