Room 8 Resource Page

Just a few things for your general info ….

Please remember check your child’s school bag and book bag/reading folder daily for homework and school notices. Room 8 children take home a reading book every night. May I suggest you choose a quiet place to sit down and share this book with your child. Turning off the tv and setting up a positive ‘homework’ time where your child can share what they have been working on in class is a good routine to start early on in the year.

Monday to Thursday your child will bring home a book that we will have read in class together. Please initial next to the book title in the small ‘Reading Notebook’ in your child’s book bag when you have read with them. This book is great for communicating messages between school and home. It gets checked every day so please feel free to write notes on how reading is going at home. Be patient while your child sounds out unknown words. Pause for a few seconds while they think about it, then, prompt them (for example “what does the word start with”, “Have a go sounding out the next letter”, “Look at the pictures, what might the word be?”). If they get stuck, tell them the word and praise them for having a go. Make reading a fun experience with lots of praise and you will soon have a child who can’t wait to sit down and do their work with you.

On Fridays your child will bring home a library book.

After reading with your child please make sure they remember to promptly put their books back in their book bags and then into their school bags. This way they are ready for the next day’s learning.

A homework book is sent out every Monday. This consists of simple worksheets, focusing on either Maths or Literacy skills that we have been working on in class. Your child should be able to complete the work independently but may need some support getting started.

Homework is due on Friday.