Room 4

IMG_0037 Nau Mai Haere Mai, Ki Te Akomanga Wha! Welcome to Room Four! Our class is made up of twenty three awesome Year 6’s and one Miss Dods. Room Four is a caring and shared environment where we want each child to feel supported, both within their learning and on a personal level. It’s a year full of fun, adventure and heaps of learning and exploring! This page is a great way to check in on what we are up to and we will be updating it frequently. See you back here soon! Please remember that if you wish to visit us in class, we would love to have you any time! Miss Dods and Room Four 🙂

Our latest activities:

Grandparents Day

On Friday 25th November we held our Annual Flowershow and Grandparents Day.  The children loved showing off their hard work and the folk dancing and Snowball Waltz was a hit with the Grandparents....

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Fry Bread

We put the sugar, yeast and warm water in a bowl and mixed it up.  The yeast began to rise.  The yeast is now foaming.  Then we added the foamy mixture to a big bowl with a tonne of flour.  After, we mixed it up and kept adding flour until it turned into dough.  Then...

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Our senior students are celebrating Matariki this term with a series of activities including: Mara Kai planting, taniko weaving, Manu Aute kite making and dance and drama staging a play The Seven Stars of Matariki.  All our work will finish with a special assembly at...

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Rugby Netball Fun Day

A great day was had by all yesterday at our annual Rugby Netball Fun Day. We were very fortunate with the weather which held off until the very end of the day. It was great to see everyone get stuck in and play hard, but fair. A big thank you to our sponsors –...

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Room Four’s Survivor Unit

Room Four have been really enjoying reading the ‘Hatchet’ Series. The books follow a young man’s journey after he crash-lands in the Canadian Wilderness. We have powerful discussions in regards to survival, resources and problem-solving. This term,...

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Senior School Matariki – Making Bread

Our learning for the Senior School this term is centred around Matariki (Maori New Year).  Senior children have chosen a different aspect of Matariki that they wish to cover, e.g. Science, Social Sciences, Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art etc. Whaea Tania is covering...

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Room Four has been having fun exploring scientific concepts centred around Oobleck.  Oobleck is a “non-Newtonian” fluid, which means it responds differently depending on how quickly you try to move it (the ‘strain rate’). Oobleck is unique...

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Go-Girl Cricket

A great day was had by all at the GoGirl Cricket tournament in Hamilton on Wednesday 23rd March. Our two teams enjoyed putting their skills to good use and played hard, but fair. We also ended up with some pretty sweet prizes! Thanks to all those who came to support....

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Port Waikato Camp

Our Year 5 and 6 students had an action packed time at Port Waikato Camp! The six-day camp was full of exciting activities and opened many opportunities for exploration and stepping outside comfort zones.  A big thank you to all our helpers on camp this year. We could...

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