Room 3

Welcome to Room 3!! We have got lots of exciting things coming up this year with some really interesting topics and the much-anticipated experience of Port Waikato Camp!

The children in Room 3 are extra lucky to have two enthusiastic teachers this year Leasa Craw and Steph Mangin.  We are thrilled to be working together and with your children. We both have young children of our own; Steph (Darcy and Corban), Leasa (Zane and Toby). We enjoy being able to continue to teach while also having time at home with our little ones, as you will all well know they grow up so fast!  Mrs Mangin will be working Mondays and Tuesdays. Miss Craw will be working Wednesdays and Thursdays and we will be working alternate Fridays.

There are a few classroom routines that we would like to share with you.  We have written them below as a point of reference for you.

  • Newsletters – School Newsletters go home every Monday, so please ensure that you check your child’s school bag on a regular basis.
  • Uniform – summer uniform, consists of the school polo shirt and either black or navy blue shorts or skort. Sandals must also be black or navy blue and MUST have a back on them- no jandals allowed. Children MUST have a hat at school everyday in the summer months. Winter uniform is the school polo shirt and either black or navy blue trousers or tights. Worn with the school long sleeved fleece. Shoes must be plain black and worn with black, navy or white socks. 
  • Room 3 will visit the library on a Friday. Please ensure that your child returns their library book each week so they can take full advantage of our wonderful school library and borrow books on a regular basis. They will need to bring their library book to and from school using their library bag.

Please feel free to come in and introduce yourself, if we have not already met and talk to us about your child’s learning and progress. You are always welcome to come and look at your child’s books and talk to them about what they have been learning. If you wish to come and help at any time in the classroom please let us know and we will arrange a time that suits.

Our latest activities:

Our Gallery Art

From Tuesday 26th June until Thursday 5th July our children’s artwork is on display at the Wallace Art Gallery in Morrinsville.  The children have worked very hard creating their artwork and love showing it to their families and whanau. Susan St Lawrence...

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Senior Swimming Sports

As I line up at the start, toes over the edge, I feel my heart pounding like a bouncy ball bouncing off my chest What’s that?!  The clapper!  I better go!  Suddenly, everyone starts.  I join along too.  I race as fast as I can like a...

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BOT Families Evening

The Board of Trustees hosted its annual families get together providing a BBQ sausage sizzle.  The tamariki (and parents) had plenty of laughter with some fun races and then a...

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Port Waikato Camp Yrs 5/6

Our Year 5 and 6 children had a great time at Port Waikato Camp.  Below are some samples of the children’s writing from camp and a photo slider display. The Mud Fight! the mud is slime dripping down my back The mud is sticky quicksand underneath my feet The...

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